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Florida: Orlando, Cape Canaveral, Daytona, Coco beach

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pictures coming sooon on this blog!

This was my first trip to florida and i was very impressed with the beauty of this state. We landed in Orlando and rented a car to drive to Cape Canaveral where my cruize would be leaving out of. Be careful driving on the 95 i belive it was because cops sit there and wait for dumb tourists to speed by them e.g. such as us. He luckily let us go with a warning just obey the speed laws.

The following day we took the car north along the coast route 1 which is similiar to California's 1 Pacific coast highway. It was a very scenic road and so green. There were huge trees on either side of us the center divider was all nice lush green grass as well as the sides of the road. There was no trash to be seen at all and everybody and there mother was pulled over off the highway to do some fishing in the atlantic.

We arrive at Daytona and go to the world's biggest harley davidson shop! it was pretty cool! Next we went to Daytona beach and i was expecting g-strings and girls everywhere! i think we saw one girl under the age of 60 but the cool thing was you can drive on the beach!!! i've never done this legally so it was a blast. Then i got my first swim in the atlantic ocean which was a thrill for me as well.

Our next stop along the way was Daytons Speedway. Not much of a racing fan but its still cool to check out. Luckily i was with 2 good looking girls and they worked over the security gaurd and let us take some cool pictures by the tunnel to get to the track and we climbed up the side grass hill to steal a peek at the track. It was pretty neat to see the huge track with the walls going up the side.

We headed back to Cape Canaveral and next decided to check out Coco beach. Again i was expecting white sands with girls and piers. But it was a weedy beach with grass and bushes growing out of it; not fine sand like you would think. I guess Miami in the summer is what i was looking for in Daytona and Coco Beach. Coco Beach had this surf shop called Ron Jon Surf Shop i think its the biggest in the world. It was 2 buildings and one was 2 stories tall. There is also a shark tank in the one story one as well as a bar + grille. The chicken ceasar salad was bomb and the beer was good. They had these cool beer pitchers where they stuck ice sticks up the bottom side of it to keep it cool, purty neat i'll tell you. We then retired to the Raddison and went night swimming. There have a bitching pool there with all these rock formations. It makes for a nice 15' rock jump just don't get caught. It's pretty shallow to i hit my butt pretty good but it's all worth it in the end.

The next day the cruise adventure begins...

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Cozemul, Mexico

island off the coast of cancun

sunny 31 °C
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This was the last stop of the 7 day western carribean cruize. Cozemul if also known for its great diving as grand cayman was. This time i chose not to play in the water but i got some advice from a good friend to rent some type of vehicle and criuze the whole island. there's a loop trail that cirlces around the coast which is a blast! My father and i rented this beat up scooters and went on a trek. The scooters you can rent right when you get off the boat or you can get a jeep. I believe the scooters were about $35 each for 8 hours or so.

We head out on them and our first stop was paradise beach. It was supposed to have good diving but the sea life was slim to none. There was a boat here that could take you farther out to the reef for a fee but i passed. But paradise beach was paradise. It is set up like a resort with a plethera of beach chairs, bar, food, water climbing wall, small pier, and hotels close by. It was free of charge to hang out there and it's beautiful but quite populated.


After a quick bite and a few beers we head off down the coast looking for this light tower but we missed it somehow. Our next stop was this rasta bar in the middle of no wheres. It was a primitive looking bar and grille and all the rood was painted in rasta colors and had reggae blaring from within. We could see the light tower from here but it looked impossible to get to so we moved on.


My scooter started acting a bit funny and wouldn't start, i had to have a local come over and he played with the blinker switch while hitting the ignition and it started, very mechanically sound :) Next in are minds was to get back before these ragged scooters broke down but i saw the most beautful beach i've ever seen in my life and had to stop! The water was as clear as a swimming pool, the sand as white the towering clouds above! we had to take the chance to hang out here for a bit. I grabbed my mask and snorkle right away and went out in the "pool." sea life was not great but it was very clear. This beach was deserted too! no one to be found for miles as it was on the back side of the island. There was one bar right across from it, i don't know the name but you can't miss this beach and you have to make a visit.

my dad

Our last stop on the trip was a pack of small restauraunts right on the beach. We literally sat with our feet in the sand watching the small waves crash in as we waited for our food and waited and waited and it never came! we ordered a couple carne tacos and i believe the waiter forgot to put them in. We paid for our beers and tacos we never ate and left for it was getting late. Be careful when driving the scooters there are monster potholes in the road everywhere and if you hit one you're going down for sure also watch out for the police. i was messing around swurving back and forth and some cop sounded his siren at me, luckily he didn't come after me but just be careful. The last road you take to get back to town is a crowded one with all the locals on there scooters doing their daily routine. Be careful and just steer clear of them.

We get back to town with an hour time left on our scooters and we decide to stop by carlos and charlies popular bar. We run into a group of our friends and we patry it up for awhile. It was a good time but the prices were sililaiir to the states again.

wish these girls were on my boat!

There are some shops all over around carlos and charlies if you're into that. We finsish up over there and swurve are way back to the scooter rental place and stumble back to the boat. the party continues...

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Grand Cayman; Georgetown

sting rays

sunny 29 °C
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Wow! That's about all i can say. The diving here was immaculate and the clearest water i've ever seen! I arrive on the island and we were met by gay looking pirates to take pictures with. It wasn't Blackbeard or Captain Kid ill tell you that. I hop on a bus and take it up towards 7 mile beach to catch a dive boat to sting ray city. There were 2 choices to swim with sting rays. One where u stand around and the other where u free dive. I went with the free diving one and it was sicter ricter! We arrive on the boat and the crew was mostly Jamaican with one peruvian photgrapher. I was excited to see my Jamaican friends again, they were so much fun and took good care of us. They take us out to this sand bar approximately 15' deep and drop us off. It seemed as though everyone was a little reserved getting into the water because of the tragic new of the croc hunter going down by a sting ray. We get in the water and to be honest it was a bit intimidating. I have expierence spear fishing and i was still a little nervous. They gave us squids to feed these huge monsters and it was amazing after the initial scare. I swam with sting rays!!!!! it was so cool! I got to hold this baby sting ray for ever too! he was squirmy at 1st but as soon as he found out that he was getting fed he just laid there in tranquility. I took the lil baby around so people could feed him since many people were scared to feed the big ones. they were so silky and so cool to touch. I definatley recommend this trip!

the baby ray

The other big note you need to know about for Georgetown is you must get out of the city!!! the city is like a shoppers heaven but there's very heavy traffic and it is not very fun if you enjoy freedom and a change of pace from the major cities in the states. there's shoppers everywhere and you get a feel of america. i suggest going to 7 mile beach and doing some kind of water sport to get away from the city and shops. We had lunch in the city but again it was packed and not as fun as a secluded place.

my mom and me! gotta drink the red stripe jamiacan beer :)

I searched high and low for a wooden mask and finally found one but it was an asian piece and not traditional to the island.

oh and you can also go to a city called hell. there's plenty of t-shirts that read "i survived hell!"

recap: diving mecca a must do and get out of the city and find a nice beach (7-mile) or go to hell!!!

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Ocho Rios, Jamiaca man

Hey Bob Marley

sunny 26 °C
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This was by far the best island of the trip. Not for its sheer beauty typographically speaking but the people were beautiful, This is a poverty strickened land but the residents are nothing less than spectacular. THey laugh, they sing, they dance!

The first thing i did when i got off the boat besides getting in trouble for bringing produce off the boat was get on a bus to innertube this river i think called the white snake river or something. the kids that ran it were amazinly in shape and they would run down this river up banks keeping up with us on tubes. This was a cruize of a ride not many rapids or that fast but it was definatley fun. you get to see some of jamiaca out of the city and the river runs right by the fisherman cleaning the fish from the days catch. After you get to the bottom of the river they let you chill on this secluded beach for an hour with a private bar. It was a very nice ride and cheap as well. i definately reccomend this short adventure. They also stopin the middle of the river and let you off for a rock jump and or rope swing.


This trip also gives you time to see other parts of ocho rios becasue you have some time left over.

When i got back to town i had to buy this rasta hat! it had dreadlocks coming off it and from now on the locals called me bob marley; even on grand cayman! Outside this shop there was a duty free shop selling liquor, very good prices because there is no tax. Right outside there was a bartender giving free sample shots. I made friends with her and she gave me an unlimted tastes of liquor and then her friend came over and had me make announcments over the intercom. I did my best jamiacan accent and told them where to get the free shots haha.


I then went over to margarita ville which is pretty popular. get ready to pay us prices on drinks and food. but it was a party! theres a pool and crazy slide right in the middle of the bar, also its a wet bar so u can swim up to it. the time i went it seemed like every girl had their shirts off!


so i stumble out of that bar and find this local playing bongos and i chill with him for a bit. he invites me to play with him and we ended up jammin for a 1/2 hour singing bob marley songs! we even got a few tips!! it was a definate highlight for me i was so excited to play with him. My drum skills weren't that tight but it was fun none the less.


There's a good cigar shop right by margarita ville where they rolle em right in front of you with fresh local leaves.

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labadee, haiti

sunny 32 °C
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I arrive on the tender from the biggest ship in the world from the Royal Carribean cruize lines and ofcourse i'm late for my kayaking adventure. But that doesn't distract me from the beautiful landscape i spot from the boat. The hills of Haiti were covered with a dense lush greeness it was spectacular. I step foot on the beach and this was the first international land i've ever been on besides frequent trips to Mexico. All of us in CA belive that Mexico isn't a real International destoination its just Mexico haha. I rush over to the kayak place and hop on the kayak. They took us down the Haitian coast explaining some general knowledge about the island and the locals. It was a nice little trip and we got to see more of the island besides the little spot where you're pretty much roped off from the rest of Haiti. Labedee is this small place that Royal Carribean has purchased and uses as a first stop on their western caribbean cruize. It was pretty basic and dragons point was a definate highlight of the island. when you get to the top of dragons point it sounds like a dragons breathe at the top. I don't know how but it must have somthing to do with the tides coming in a creating pressure of some sort. After wandering around a bit i settle in on this beach and crash under the palms. i was pretty hung over from partying on da boat and this weather wasn't helping. It was "Hotter than Haiti!" The water was warm to so it was pretty disasterous for a drunk!


I collect wooden masks from all over the world and this was my first time i actually got to go to a foreign land and buy my own mask! usually friends and family buy them on a vacation and bring them back. So i bought the biggest one i could find it was 2' x 1' huge for a mask! so i carried this giant of a mask around all day. It was Alan and Masks DAY OF FUN!! haha


I bought this mask for $25 usd which is a steal. I was pretty excited to get it but i didn't think about how i was going to get it home because it didn't fit in my bag! so i had to carry it as a carry on. it was pretty entertaining.

this is a map of my trip does anybody know if u can change the colors so you know when you traveled by aeroplane, boat or car?? thanks

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